2nd stages series

2nd Stages Series
Des Moines Metro Opera understands that efforts to build new audiences for serious musical and theatrical performance are greatly enhanced when organizations travel outside the walls of their traditional performance spaces. Doing so injects a new level of excitement into live performance and demonstrates the power of community collaboration. In order to build our capacity to serve a growing and diverse demographic, Des Moines Metro Opera is launching a 2nd Stages Series that will engage new opera-goers in creative spaces around our community. Conceived as an expansion of the Company’s successful Summer Festival Season, the 2nd Stages Series will build on Des Moines Metro Opera’s rapidly expanding capacity as a true community partner and will expose audiences to this remarkable art form through operatic presentations in unorthodox spaces. Creative place-making is a core component of our mission to introduce live performance to audiences in the Midwest and to bring great art to as many people as possible. These productions will be added to the line-up of various seasons as interesting projects, locations, occasions and sponsors are identified and brought together.

Due to the limited seating capacity at many venues, tickets for the 2nd Stages Series performances typically sell quickly.

In January 2017, Des Moines Metro Opera will collaborate with the Iowa National Guard and Camp Dodge to present a staged, multimedia production of David T. Little's Soldier Songs. Adapted from recorded interviews with veterans of five different American wars, Soldier Songs is a multimedia event that combines elements of theater, opera, rock-infused concert music and videography to explore the loss of innocence and the difficulty of expressing truth in war. Soldier Songs will be fully-produced at the Freedom Center at Camp Dodge which will underscore the relevance of this extraordinary piece and the importance of the questions it poses.

For tickets, call our Box Office at 515-961-6221 or order ONLINE