31 Days of Delights

The Indianola Guild Chapter's Fundraiser in Lieu of the Champagne Brunch and Bingo Benefit

31 days. 31 handmade or homegrown prizes. For $100 you may select any date in December and receive a delightful package of handmade or homegrown items worth at least $35 (though it may exceed $100 in value). Expect a few surprises, but odd numbered days will likely feature an "artsy" prize (artwork, pottery, jewelry, etc.); even numbered days will likely feature a prize that will whet your appetite (delicious baked goods, home-cooked meals for the whole family, etc.).

Another way to support the arts in Indianola 
Buy raffle tickets ($25 each or 5 for $100) for a chance to win one of the following exciting prizes:

To Order

Contact Chari Kruse at the DMMO office (ckruse@dmmo.org or 515-961-6221) to select your date and/or purchase raffle tickets and to figure out your payment method (cash, check and credit/debit cards accepted). Sales start now and continue until all 31 dates are taken.

The 31 Days of Delights Calendar

Odd days=handmade (arts, quilts, pottery, jewelry, etc.)
Even days=homegrown (baked goods, dinners, etc.)

December 1: available
December 2: available
December 3: TAKEN!
December 4: available
December 5: TAKEN!
December 6: TAKEN!
December 7: TAKEN!
December 8: TAKEN!
December 9: available
December 10: TAKEN!
December 11: available
December 12: available
December 13: TAKEN!
December 14: available
December 15: TAKEN!
December 16: available
December 17: available
December 18: TAKEN!
December 19: available
December 20: available
December 21: TAKEN!
December 22: available
December 23: available
December 24: TAKEN!
December 25: available
December 26: available
December 27: available
December 28: available
December 29: available
December 30: TAKEN!
December 31: available

A selection of "Delights"

Here are a few of the daily "delights" that will be gifted as part of the Indianola Chapter's 31 Days of Delights fundraiser. We will continue adding photos as the prizes come in. Keep checking back!