Billy Budd (2017)

Music by Benjamin Britten
Libretto by E.M. Forster and Eric Crozier

Company Premiere
Performed in English
Performances: July 1, 9, 11, 14
2018 Upper Midwest Emmy Winner: "Des Moines Metro Opera Presents Billy Budd" by Iowa PBS
Broadcast as part of the 2020 Virtual Festival

Billy Budd: Craig Verm
Edward Fairfax Vere: Roger Honeywell
John Claggart: Zachary James
Mr. Redburn: Dennis Jesse
Mr. Flint: Federico de Michelis
Lieutenant Ratcliffe: Kristopher Irmiter
Red Whiskers: Steven Sanders
Donald: Michael Adams
Dansker: Thomas Hammons
Novice: Christian Sanders
Novice’s Friend: Emmett O’Hanlon
Squeak: Ryan C. Connelly
The Bosun: Timothy Bruno
Maintop: Chris Carr
Arthur Jones: Ted Pickell
1st Mate: Brandon Hendrickson
2nd Mate: Jesse Stock
Cabin Boy: Benjamin Sarvis

Conductor: David Neely
Stage Director: Kristine McIntyre
Scenic Design: R. Keith Brumley
Costume Design: Jonathan Knipscher
Lighting & Projection Design: Barry Steele
Make-Up/Hair Design: Brittany Crinson for Elsen Associates
Chorus Master: Lisa Hasson
Musical Preparation: Geoffrey Loff
Fight Choreographer: Brian Robertson
Associate Conductor: John Spencer IV
Assistant Stage Director: Octavio Cardenas
Children’s Chorus Master: Barbara Sletto
Children’s Chorus Pianist: Ruth Dorr
Stage Manager: Brian August

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