Elektra (2013)

Music by Richard Strauss
Libretto by Hugo von Hofmannstahl after Sophocles’ Electra

Company Premiere
Performed in German
Performances: June 29, July 7, 9, 12

Elektra, Agamemnon’s daughter: Brenda Harris
Chrysothemis, her sister: Julie Makerov
Klytemnästra, their mother: Joyce Castle
Her Confidante: Emily Holsclaw
Her Trainbearer: Lindsey Anderson
A Young Servant: David Margulis
An Old Servant: Brad Baron
Orest, son of Agamemnon: Philip Horst
Orestes’ Tutor: Tony Dillon
Aegisth, Klytemnästra’s paramour: Corey Bix
An Overseer: Megan Cullen
1st Maid: Kathryn Day
2nd Maid: Jill Phillips
3rd Maid: Sarah Larsen
4th Maid: Cassie Glaeser
5th Maid: Rebecca Krynski

Conductor: David Neely
Stage Director: Dugg McDonough
Associate Director: Aaron Breid
Assistant Stage Director: Eve Summer
Chorus Master: Lisa Hasson
Scenic Designer: R. Keith Brumley
Costume Designer: Melanie Taylor Burgess, executed by Seatle Opera Costume Shop, Additional Costumes: Design:ed by Robin L. McGee
Costume Supervisor: Robin L. McGee
Lighting and Video Designer: Barry Steele
Make-Up/Hair Designer: Sarah Hatten for Elsen and Associates
Choreographer: Eve Summer
Stage Combat Director: Brian Robertson
Production Stage Manager: Lisa Kelly

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