I played with the DMMO orchestra for 19 seasons - 11 of them with Dr. Larsen at the helm. So many good memories - for many seasons, my timpani were placed next to the area where the conductor would enter the pit, and Dr. Larsen would come up early and sit for a few minutes before the show began - we had many short but good visits. We'd talk about the opera and music and general and I learned a lot from his observations. We did Gounod's "Faust" in 2003 - and he conducted it with such passion - epecially the Waltz from Act II that I commented on it during the intermissiion of the first performance, and every time we would come to the waltz he'd look at me and smile! He later told me that he too thought that production was one of the best of the many that he was responsible for. We had many occasions to talk and visit, and I remember the parties he'd host at his house at the beginning of the season. He was truly an original. Rest in peace, Dr. Larsen, Godspeed and thanks for the memories!
– Andrew Simco