I began subscribing for tickets to DMMO so long ago. The three days of opera every year were so exciting. I enjoyed the west side of the seating so that I could watch my dear friend, Robert conduct. He was a master at conducting; it was obvious every musician Robert hired loved his very clear style. I have sung with several conductors in Minneapolis, and watching Dr. Robert Larsen is at the top of the list. I remember one time when the opera was over, we would be invited to another building for a concert, sometimes the opera orchestra, but one time was when Dr. Larsen did a one man show that I'll never forget. He was more than a Conductor, as that program saw another side of his brilliance. What a legacy he leaves; every time we go to DMMO, his face, his smile, his unique personae will be with us.
– Madalyn Staupe Traun