Little Red's Most Unusual Day

Created by John Davies and shared with permission
Music by Jacques Offenbach and Gioachino Rossini

The world famous melodies of Jacques Offenbach and Gioachino Rossini ring out in this comical retelling of "Little Red Riding Hood" that is brimming with fun and laughs! Join Little Red, her mom, Forest Ranger Dudley and that sneaky wolf as they discover why it's important to be kind to others and always do the right thing.

While we're sad our OPERA Iowa program had to be suspended halfway through its 2020 tour, we're thrilled to be able to present this digital version of Little Red's Most Unusual Day! We hope you'll share this colorful and interactive performance with friends and family so they too can experience this delightful children's opera filled with catchy tunes, fun characters and valuable lessons!

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