Macbeth (1996)

Music by Giuseppe Verdi
Libretto by Francesco Maria Piave and Andrea Maffei, based on William Shakespeare’s play

Company Premiere
Performed in an English translation by Walter Ducloux
Performances: June 22, 30, July 2, 5, 12
Other Productions: 2010

Macbeth: Kimm Julian
Banquo: Matthew Lau
Lady Macbeth: Sherry Zannoth
Lady-in-Waiting: Maria DiPalma
Macduff: Edd Wright
Malcolm: Marc Schreiner
A Physician: Jeffrey Stevens
A Man Servant: Aaron Borst
A Murderer: Richard E. Teaster
Fleance: Donald Stalter

Conductor/Stage Director: Robert L. Larsen
Assistant Conductor: Patrick Hansen
Assistant Stage Director: Jonathon Field
Chorus Master: Dorothy Randall
Musical Preparation: Thomas Maurice, Maimy Fong
Scenic Designer: R. Keith Brumley
Lighting Designer: Michael Baumgarten
Costumes: Pro Eto Costume
Makeup/Hair Design: Elsen Associates Inc.

A company premiere made possible by the Des Moines Metro Opera Foundation and the Douglas Duncan Memorial Fund.

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