The Tales of Hoffmann (2005)

Music by Jacques Offenbach
Libretto by Jules Barbier and Michel Carrè, based on stories of E.T.A. Hoffmann

Performed in French
Performances: June 24, 26, July 1, 5, 9, 17
Other Productions: 1977, 1989

Councillor Lindorf: Dean Elzinga
Andrès, a servant: Scott Wichael
Luther, an innkeeper: Tony Dillon
Nathanaël, a student: Nicholas Larson
Hermann, a student: Brian Jagde
Nicklausse, Hoffmann’s companion: Elise Quagliata
Hoffmann, a poet: Drew Slatter
Act I
Spalanzani, an inventor: Torrance Blaisdell
Cochenille, a servant: Scott Wichael
Coppélius, friend of Spalanzani: Dean Elzinga
Olympia, a doll: Nili Riemer
Act II
Antonia, daughter of an opera star: Karin Wolverson
Crespel, her father: Tony Dillon
Frantz, a servant: Scott Wichael
Dr. Miracle: Dean Elzinga
Antonia’s Mother: Janara Kellerman
Giulietta, a courtesan: Lise Lindstrom
Schlémil, her protector: Dennis Jesse
Dappertutto, a magician: Dean Elzinga
Pitichinaccio: Scott Wichael
Stella, star of “Don Giovanni”: Amelia Groetsch

Conductor: Robert L. Larsen
Stage Director: Robert L. Larsen
Assistant Conductor: David Neely
Assistant Stage Director: William Shomos
Chorus Master: Jennifer Peterson
Musical Preparation: Lisa Hasson, Craig Kier, Eric Andries
Stage Combat Director: Brian Robertson
Scenic Designer: Steven McLean
Lighting Designer: Barry Steele
Make-Up/Hair Design: Elsen Associates, Inc.
Costumes: Malabar Limited, Toronto
Stage Manager: Tracy Davis
Supertitle Operator: Eric McEnaey

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