The Tempest (1986)

Music by Lee Hoiby
Libretto by Mark Shulgasser, adapted from Shakespeare’s play of the same title

World Premiere
Performed in English
Performances: June 21, 29, July 5, 9, 11

Prospero: Peter Van Derick
Miranda: Carol Sparrow
Ariel: Constance Hauman
Ferdinand: Kenneth Shaw
Caliban: Jacque Trussel
Trinculo: Edward Bogusz
Stephano: Edward R. White, Jr.
Gonzalo: Charles Abruzzo
Alonso: William Walker
Sebastian: Kimm Julian
Antonio: Carlos Serrano
Iris: Amy Burton
Ceres: Donna Bruno
Juno: Anne Larson

Conductors: Robert L. Larsen, Stewart Robertson
Stage Director: Robert L. Larsen
Assistant Stage Director: Buck Ross
Scenic Designer: Tony Norrenbrock
Lighting Designer: Jonathan G. Terry
Costume Designer: Tony Norrenbrock
Musical Preparation: Miriam Charney
Choreographer: Rebecca Couch Gruber
Flying by: Foy

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