Carmen References in Pop Culture

Of all the operas in the world, Carmen is one of the most recognizable. Despite premiering in 1875, much of the music has found its way into modern day pop culture. Enjoy this list of places where you might have heard some of the music from Georges Bizet's most notable work.

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TV and Commercials

From Beyoncé, to Jeopardy, Carmen has been used not just for entertainment purposes, but marketing products as well. Below is a list of examples of the ways the music of Carmen has been adapted for TV and commercials.


Disney is known for its highly influential movies and the music they have selected is certainly known for its ability to work its way into people's ears. Here are some examples of Disney and Pixar classics that have used the music of Carmen.

YouTube Videos

Carmen's music has even found its way to the many corners of the internet. From classic videos of The Muppets, to more miscellaneous content like Line Rider videos, this opera has stood the test of time as it has adapted for a modern audience.

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