DMMO Feedback Form

Des Moines Metro Opera believes in a culture of belonging as we work to embody equity, diversity, inclusivity and access in our entire organization. We see this work as integral to fulfilling our mission and as an essential to our concern for the well-being of artists, company members, staff and the communities we serve. This work will be ongoing, process-oriented and collaborative across the community, cultural sector and field. We recognize that justice and art-making work hand in hand.

By providing your comments will help to ensure that Des Moines Metro Opera is safe and welcoming space for all. Please use the form below to let us know about your experience with DMMO. Feedback of all kinds is welcomed and encouraged, whether it is positive or negative, as well as any incidents you would like to report. Submissions may be made anonymously and by anyone from within the organization or from patrons, audience members or friends. In the case that a formal follow-up is required or should you be comfortable doing so, please consider including your contact information. Your submission will be received by Paxton Williams, EDI Resource Team Lead and DMMO Board Member.

We thank you for your sincere and genuine concern that our opera company will be one in which all people feel welcome and able to create their best work.