Fellow Travelers

  • Saturday JULY 17 8:00 PM

A love that dare not speak its name

Set in 1950s Washington, D.C. amidst the oft-overlooked “Lavender Scare,” a US government employment purge that resulted in thousands of firings and resignations of men and women believed to be members of the LGBTQ+ community, Fellow Travelers tells the story of a forbidden love between Timothy Laughlin, a recent college graduate, and Hawkins Fuller, an official at the State Department. As Tim struggles to reconcile his faith, his political beliefs, and his new-found passion, Hawkins takes an increasingly cavalier attitude towards their relationship, ultimately ending in betrayal and heartbreak.

Opera News called Fellow Travelers “...an absorbing, gripping, throroughly attractive piece with considerable contemporary relevance and complex, three-dimensional characters." The budding attraction between Tim and Hawkins has "all the infectious warmth, humor, and sweetness of the early scenes in La Bohéme,” said the New York Times. “With its smart music and sharp-edged romantic drama, Fellow Travelers seems assured of lasting appeal.”

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Gregory Spears

Greg Pierce

"Fellow Travelers" by Thomas Mallon

17 June 2016
Cincinnati Opera

English (with English supertitles)


Hoyt Sherman Place

The Artists

Joseph Lattanzi Hawkins Fuller View Website
Christian Sanders Timothy Laughlin View Website
Grace Kahl Mary Johnson View Website
Benjamin Taylor Tommy McIntyre View Website
Amanda Sheriff Miss Lightfoot
Carolyn Watson Conductor View Website
Marcus Shields Director View Website
Brittany Crinson Wig and Makeup Design