Administration & Staff

The Linda Koehn General and Artistic Director 
Michael Egel -

The Marshall and Judy Flapan Music Director and Principal Conductor*
David Neely -

Director of Development
Timothy McMillin -

Director of Business and Finance
Elaine Raleigh -

Director of Marketing and Public Relations
Scott Arens -

Director of Production
Bearclaw Hart -

Art Director

Guest Services Manager and Education Coordinator
Kaylah Hicok -

Administrative Assistant
Chari Kruse -

Artistic Administrator*
Samuel Carroll -

Guest Services Assistant*
Dennis Hendrickson -

Orchestra Personnel and Operations Manager*
Mark Dorr -

The Irene Graether Chorus Master and Director of the Apprentice Artist Program*
Lisa Hasson -

Assistant to the General Director
Michael Patterson

* denotes employees working off-site